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Made by Advisers, For Advisers.

CTT Legacy software is the only document drafting software backed by an extensive team of legal, financial and estate planning experts.

Not only is Legacy created by these specialist advisers – specifically designed to ease the job of an estate planner – the software also provides direct access to their expertise.

Legacy’s Full Estate Planning System

Document Drafting Software

  • 90+ legal documents and services
  • Structured, intuitive document drafting
  • Clear audit trail for effective risk management
  • Always updated with the latest legislation for your region
  • White labelled, enhancing your brand

Business Management System

  • Seamless handling of invoicing, payments and direct debits
  • Keep your business organised with notetaking and calendars
  • Easily distribute work to colleagues or your support teams at CTT
  • Speedy, convenient client onboarding & ID checking thanks to Legacy Portal

Customer Relationship Management

  • Automated digital reports tailored to client details
  • Secure document storage and messaging
  • Clear case tracking and notifications, keeping clients updated

Built For Success, Not Just Software - Legacy is Your Gateway to Estate Planning Expertise.

No other will writing software has a team of over 100 legal, financial and estate planning professionals to back up your business.

If you’re a new estate planner with questions or an established adviser with a complex case, you can draw on CTT’s expertise. Thanks to the support of CTT’s seasoned estate planners and legal experts, you need never fall behind on your workload or turn a client away for a service you can’t provide.

Adviser Chat

Draw on CTT’s expertise – CTT’s AI chatbot is programmed to ask estate planning questions and is available 24/7. This is a fantastic support tool and training aid, helping advisers to develop knowledge and confidence. For more complex queries, Legacy puts you directly through to a live chat with a CTT expert.

Processing & Cover

Never fall behind on your workload – Process documents yourself or let your support network at CTT do the hard work for you. Holiday coming up? We can handle all your documents and administration so you can return to an empty desk and focus on the most important thing – your clients!


There’s no service you cannot offer your clients.

Unique to Legacy Software, you can refer cases to any of CTT Group’s legal, financial and estate planning departments, who will complete the work on your behalf.

New to Will Writing & Estate Planning?

Start digital from day one and your client service is better from day one.

Congratulations on making the decision to go paperless! CTT Group provides the knowledge and tools to help you establish and grow your new business.

Looking to Grow Your Advisory Business?

We understand that adding a new service or changing software can feel like a daunting hurdle to overcome. That’s why CTT’s teams are dedicated to easing the process of adopting Legacy’s streamlined digitisation getting you on the path to growth.

Paperless Estate Planning Platforms

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