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Digital Reports

Legacy Portal’s unique digital reports are a fast, effective way for you to communicate with your clients.

Sent directly to clients through the Legacy Portal platform, these easy-to-follow step-by-step guides talk clients through each stage of their estate planning.

The Power of Paperless Estate Planning

Clear-Cut Options & Legal Clarifications

Our reports outline clearly the client’s details, the particulars of their estate, and the various planning options available to them, with dropdown information on any legal terms that may need clarification.

Streamlined, Digitised Processes

This paperless approach to estate planning speeds up the initial administration process, enabling you to be more time efficient while delivering a seamless onboarding experience for your clients.

White Labelling

Legacy’s digital reports are white labelled for you to customise with your own branding. Bring the look of your digital documents in line with the rest of your practice to create professional synergy across your whole business.

Improved Client Relations

Digital does not mean impersonal. Digitised estate planning fosters stronger client relationships by enabling timely responses and simplifying the communication of intricate estate planning concepts, ensuring a smoother and more effective interaction with clients.

Recommendation Report

Legacy Portal’s Recommendation Report draws on personal information input by the client in their Fact Find for swift, tailored suggestions and personalised, illustrative videos. Delivered directly to clients via the Legacy Portal app, the report is available for them to absorb and review at their leisure.

  • Available within 48 hours
  • Comprehensive breakdown of a client’s estate
  • Recommended estate planning options
  • Digitised explanations on all recommended products
  • Suggestions for additional asset protection and further estate planning options

Personalised, educational animations

Recommendation Reports draw on personal information input by the client in their Fact Find. Together with your recommendations, the report demonstrates the various estate-planning solutions best suited to the client’s needs through a series of unique, educational animations.

These videos, which are personalised with the clients’ names and those of their family members, help individuals identify emotionally with the future outcomes and eventualities presented in the report.

Back to you

Clients can then choose to accept or decline the report with the option to add any feedback they wish to discuss. Their response is then automatically sent to you via Legacy Portal, giving you the opportunity to arrange a follow-up face-to-face meeting with your client to discuss any queries and resolve concerns.

Confirmation of Instruction

Once your client has accepted their estate planning options, you can issue a Confirmation of Instruction Report via Legacy Portal. This is a clear and crucial document detailing the specific estate planning products the client has requested and confirming their desire to purchase them.

The report summarises the clients’

  • Financial summary
  • Ownership of assets
  • IHT estimate
  • Chosen estate planning products

Crucial Confirmation & Risk Management

The Confirmation of Instruction Report is a crucial tool for advisers. It not only allows you to deliver a concise summary to your client for their records (which is securely stored within Legacy Portal to access anytime and easily share with interested parties) it also provides you with a legal audit trail, mitigating any risk.

Generate new business

The Confirmation of Instruction Report concludes by asking clients whether they are happy to recommend their adviser’s services to others, such as their beneficiaries and executors. After they click “yes”, you will receive a referral notification within Legacy, enabling you to contact new prospects and grow your business.

Paperless Estate Planning Platforms

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