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Legacy Training

Grow your estate planning practice with expert guidance. Whether you’re a completely new estate planner or an established business looking for the right tool for growth, we understand learning a new software can be challenging.

That’s why CTT provides a range of support to ease you into your new career or help you make a change for the better.

You Are Not On Your Own With Legacy Software

Training Courses

CTT Group is renowned for its industry training, from estate planning essentials to advanced areas to help you specialise and grow your services. All CTT Foundation courses introduce Legacy Software – perfect if you’re a new adviser or you have a new staff member.

Comprehensive Video Guides

Embedded within Legacy Software are a multitude of helpful video tutorials, guiding you through its features and processes.

CTT Legacy’s Onboarding Support

For well-established businesses, switching to new software is a big change you must be ready to embrace in order to succeed

long-term. CTT will help you ensure a smooth switch, whether you need additional consultations, group training or help with data transfer.

Ask An Expert With Adviser Chat

Legacy features an AI chatbot programmed with our experts’ answers to commonly asked estate planning or Legacy Software questions. During office hours, you can also use Live Chat to receive direct advice from a CTT specialist.

Harness The Power Of Legacy With Our Foundation Course

Are You A New Adviser? We’ve Got Your Back!

Embarking on a new career or transitioning into estate planning can be an intimidating journey. That’s why we’ve tailored our Foundation Course to provide comprehensive support for those just starting in the field.

Our Foundation Course is your gateway to grasping estate planning essentials and starting your business as you mean to go on – digitally and efficiently! We’ll ensure you’re armed with the Legacy tools and knowledge to succeed.

Seasoned Professionals, Enhance Your Practice!

Even if you’re an established business, our courses are ideal for elevating your entire team’s proficiency and ensuring everyone in your organisation is up to speed with the latest in estate planning technology.

Our courses run regularly throughout the year, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for onboarding new staff with Legacy software as your business succeeds and your team grows! 

Embrace Growth: We’ll Help You With The Rest

Don’t let the fear of change hold your business back. We’re here to assure you that the path to enhancing your business operations with Legacy software is smoother and more accessible than you might think.

CTT’s dedicated teams are on hand to minimise disruption to your business, deliver thorough training to your teams, and aid crucial data migration.


For a well-established business, there’s as much for us to learn about you as there is for you to learn about Legacy! We begin by understanding your business requirements and ensuring Legacy aligns with your goals and operations.

Group Training

We know that for larger businesses, ensuring that your entire team is up to speed is vital. That’s why we offer comprehensive group training sessions that can be tailored to your organisation’s size and specific roles.

Seamless Data Transfer

Legacy’s specialists can handle the critical process of transferring your existing data securely and precisely so that you can pick up where you left off.

Take the next step to a future where your business thrives with constantly evolving estate planning software that adapts and grows with you.

Learn More About The Full Range Of CTT’s Professional Services Here.