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CTT Legacy Software

For decades, CTT Group has been working hard to turn the tide on old, outdated estate planning practices.

With the switch to paperless processes, professional advisers are looking for ways to further optimise their services. And at CTT, it's been our goal to create technologies that meet the demands of estate planning professionals and clients.

Case management software is integral to this shift, helping advisers simplify and enhance their estate planning.

In this article, we'll explore the features and benefits of switching to case management software, such as CTT's Legacy software.

We'll also discuss what makes it an indispensable tool to all advisers.

Traditional Challenges With Most Case Management Software

One of the primary hurdles in estate planning is time-consuming paperwork and processes.

As each client's situation is unique, advisers must take a bespoke approach that often leads to mountains of forms and documents.

Estate planners face the challenges of keeping up to date with legislation, safeguarding important physical documents from damage or loss, and maintaining accurate records, which becomes difficult over time without using case management software.

Data accessibility is another concern.

Without a centralised digital system, accessing client data anytime and anywhere is not possible, potentially delaying decision-making and taking action for your clients.

Finally, the long processes involved in traditional estate planning—from initial consultation to the execution of the will—can be frustrating for clients that are eager to have their affairs in order promptly.

These challenges underscore the need for innovative solutions that streamline the estate planning process, which is why CTT's Case Management Software was crafted by estate planners to address the pain points of estate planning advisers and will writers, offering you and your clients a more efficient, secure, and satisfying experience.

The Benefits of our Legal Case Management Software 

Using case management software in estate planning and other legal fields enables advisers to adopt a seamless and integrated approach.

As well as streamlining your workflow, great case management software also improves the overall client experience (something we prioritised in Legacy Software).

Here are some key benefits of using case management software in estate planning:

  • Faster will writing: our guided document templates speed up the will writing process.
  • Digital reporting: real-time updates and report generation at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced efficiency: streamlined tasks allow for more client interactions and business growth.
  • Increased security: safeguard sensitive client information with robust data protection measures.
  • Improved accessibility: access client information and documents from anywhere, at any time.
  • Legislative compliance: stay current with the latest laws, with updates reflected in the system.

What is CTT's Case Management Software

Navigating the intricacies of estate planning requires a tool that strikes the balance advisers need, and CTT's Legacy Software is crafted precisely with this in mind. So, what sets apart CTT's Legacy Software in estate planning?

Well, it's a lot more than just will writing software; it's a comprehensive toolkit designed to transform your estate planning.

As a digital and paperless platform, it provides robust security and eliminates the risk of outdated practices.

Legacy automates tasks like invoicing, document population, and reporting, freeing you up to expand your client base.

Our system's structured, intuitive drafting tools are continually updated to reflect the latest legislation, ensuring every document is legally sound.

The client experience is smoother too; quick ID checks, seamless notifications, and safe document storage enhance the journey, while case tracking keeps everyone informed about progress.

Drawing on our many years of expertise, we aimed to go beyond creating mere document drafting software, which is why Legacy is a comprehensive system that supports an adviser's business management and customer relationship management, on top of meeting all your estate planning needs.

Key Features of Legacy Software: 

Case Tracking: Legacy Software offers comprehensive case tracking features so you and your clients always know exactly where you stand.

With real-time updates and notifications, this feature provides a transparent overview of each case's progress. It demystifies which stage the client is in and what actions need to be taken next, fostering a well-informed atmosphere for both adviser and client.

Adviser Chat: Adviser Chat is a secure AI chat service that's available to members around the clock. It offers direct and swift responses to your queries, with a vast knowledge base of over 900 Q&As and direct access to CTT's in-house advisers for more complex queries.

Processing and Cover: With Legacy, you're equipped to handle document processing efficiently. And if you need to step away, the CTT support network is ready to manage your workload. Thanks to this, advisers can return to a clear desk and be able to focus on what matters most: clients.

Business Management: Legacy's Business dashboard helps you streamline your business management with tools designed to coordinate your operations, client communications, and financial transactions all within Legacy's platform.

Digital Reports: Legacy Software digital reports (delivered via Legacy Portal) take your client on an educational journey through their recommended products and their estate plan. Legacy's personalised videos, case-specific explanations and intentional user journey keep clients informed and reassured about their choices, making a smoother experience for both clients and advisers.

Customisable Dashboard (coming soon!): You will be able to personalise Legacy's dashboard to align with your daily priorities, ensuring that the most relevant information, data, and tools are displayed and instantly accessible for your convenience.

Choosing the Right Legal Case Management Software: Factors to Consider 

Selecting the right case management software for your business can be transformational for your estate planning, which is why you need to ensure that whatever platform you choose satisfies your current and future goals.

For example, if you're aiming to grow your business, your chosen software should not only accommodate but support that growth.

Here are some factors you may want to consider when choosing case management software:

  • Business Tools: A platform that comes with integrated business tools can significantly contribute to your company's growth. Legacy offers features that help in managing client relationships and operational tasks, both of which are essential for scaling up.
  • Structured Process: A software with a structured approach allows you to delineate responsibilities clearly. Legacy's stages enable advisers to divide tasks efficiently between processing and sales teams, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • Customisation: The ability to customise the software according to your specific business model is crucial. A platform that adapts to your methods rather than the other way around will be more effective in the long term. This is why we’re working to make our Business Management Dashboard completely customisable so you can have instant access to the features and information you use most. We’re also introducing a four-tier membership (starting with Legacy Lite), so you can choose a membership suited to your functionality requirements and avoid extra fees.
  • Additional Support: Determine the level of support offered. Legacy Software ensures that you never fall behind, with options to process documents internally or use CTT's support network to manage your documentation and administrative tasks—especially useful when you need to take a break without worrying about work piling up. Additions like Legacy's Adviser Chat and other AI tools will help you further streamline your estate planning processes, so ensure that the software offers features other than simple drafting and processing.
  • Compliance: Ensure the case management software is updated in accordance with the latest legal changes. Compliance is non-negotiable in estate planning, and commitment to the ever-evolving legislation provides users with peace of mind. A good case management system evolves, which is why our CTT specialists regularly update the products and features available within Legacy Software.

Which legal case management software is right for you?  

You may begin to wonder, does estate planning have to be digital? The answer is increasingly clear: while not mandatory, digital case management solutions offer a level of efficiency and precision that traditional methods struggle to match.

However, when choosing the right case management software for you, you should consider the factors mentioned above. As for estate planning advisers, the software isn't just about staying current; it's about delivering trust and a service with the client's needs at the forefront.

Trusted by over 600,000 clients, and responsible for the secure creation of over 99,000 wills, Legacy is a tool built by advisers for advisers.

If choosing the right software means opting for a trusted partner committed to your growth, Legacy Software is a great match, dedicated to ensuring that every concern is met with a human touch.

To learn more about how our industry-leading CTT case management software, Legacy Software, can enhance your practice and help you stay connected in an evolving digital world, click here.

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