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Introducing Legacy Portal: A Transformative Estate Planning Platform

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CTT Legacy Software

At CTT Group, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the driving force behind our commitment to delivering exceptional service and client experiences. Our mission is to empower advisers to grow their businesses while providing clients with the best solutions.

That is why we’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new client-facing platform designed to streamline communications between advisers and clients, setting a new standard in estate planning.

Legacy Portal and its revolutionary features

Legacy Portal is not just another estate planning platform; it’s a game-changer. Its features – which include secure client messaging, document storage, admin processing, and animated videos – will not only save advisers time but also enhance their client services, improving productivity and efficiency while boosting earning potential.

The Fact Find feature

Accessible via a web browser or app, Legacy Portal offers a comprehensive client journey. It commences with an effortless onboarding experience, facilitated by the Fact Find feature. This step-by-step digital questionnaire enables clients to conveniently input their personal information from their phone, laptop, or desktop, reducing the need for in-person meetings and tedious paperwork. Once completed, advisers gain immediate access to their details, providing an instant overview of their estate and circumstances. This insight highlights areas in need of attention, empowering advisers to swiftly identify and address potential challenges and problems.

The Personalised Recommendation Report

Envision a tool that instantly selects and presents the best products to your clients, tailored specifically to their unique needs and circumstances. Such a tool has the potential to fundamentally enhance the estate planning process for advisers and clients alike. This is precisely the rationale behind the creation of the Recommendation Report.

The Recommendation Report, generated by Legacy and sent to your client via Legacy Portal, introduces them to meticulously matched products. The report breaks down every element of your clients’ plans and illustrates how those products would affect their goals. It is generated based on the latest laws and is shaped by the expertise of skilled advisers.

Among the primary advantages for clients is the Recommendation Report’s exceptional degree of personalisation. Each Report is thoughtfully tailored to address your client’s concerns, employing carefully crafted animations that prominently feature the clients themselves and their family members. It transforms complexity into simplicity, paving the way for a more efficient and client-centric approach to estate planning.

The Confirmation of Instruction Report

The Confirmation of Instruction Report serves as a multifaceted tool with profound benefits for advisers. The report is designed to act as a robust safeguard for audit trails, documenting the all-important product purchases and agreements, within Legacy Portal, both for the client and adviser. Alongside offering a safe, permanent platform for this communication storage, it also plays a pivotal role in driving business growth.

This comprehensive report is also a strategic lead generation engine, enabling easy referrals by clients to their family members and other relevant parties. After accepting the recommendations within Legacy Portal and receiving the Confirmation of Instruction Report, clients can digitally share the document with a single, user-friendly click. They are also asked if they are happy to recommend their adviser; clicking ‘yes’ generates new referrals directly to you.

This dual functionality not only strengthens client relations but also positions you as the trusted adviser for their evolving estate planning needs. Overall, the Confirmation of Instruction Report is a vital asset in your toolkit for both protection and expansion, in the ever-evolving estate planning landscape.

An estate planning platform built for your success

Legacy Portal was designed to ease the estate planning journey for advisers, and support you in your business growth. Advisers can take advantage of these key benefits:

  • Personalised Recommendations: Provide your clients with tailored estate planning recommendations, instantly increasing your earning potential.

  • Quick Turnaround: Legacy Portal’s Recommendation Reports are available within 48 hours, enhancing your customer service and client relationships.

  • Client-Centric Videos: Personalised, tailored animations guide your clients through the estate planning process and complex topics affecting their estate, saving you time and reducing the need for lengthy conversations.

  • Always Up-to-Date with Legislation: Legacy Portal ensures advisers are always compliant with the latest legal regulations. Estate planning can be a legal minefield, but with Legacy Portal, you can trust that your clients’ plans are error-free and secure.

  • Drives referrals: The portal’s in-built referral feature helps to turn positive client journeys into new prospects and growth for your business.

  • Secure Document Storage: Every piece of information, from confirmations to client choices and purchases, is securely stored within Legacy Portal. This protection shields you from potential audits, allowing you to focus on what matters most – serving your clients.

  • Remote-Friendly: Legacy Portal supports remote work with secure messaging, ID checks, document transfer, and storage.

Legacy Portal has been developed by advisers, for advisers, with a focus on client-friendliness, security, and legal compliance. Most importantly, it deepens client trust and supercharges your business growth. Legacy Portal is an opportunity to embrace the future of estate planning, bid farewell to tedious paperwork, and build lasting client relationships.

Register your interest in Legacy Portal now, and discover how you can simplify your process, enhance client relationships, and stay at the forefront of the sector. It’s time to take your practice to new heights.

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