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Legacy software’s latest feature – due for release this month!

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CTT Legacy Software

The latest update to CTT’s Legacy will-writing software is due for release later this month.

The new messaging feature, set to improve advisor communications with both their clients and CTT, will allow users to store, access, and share important conversations and client information in one convenient place, making for a speedier and more efficient workflow when processing client orders.

Convenient communications

“The initial idea behind the messaging feature was to create a software file where users can get all their correspondence in one location,” explains Mickey Nagra, CTT’s Systems and Software Manager and the man behind Legacy’s development.

“The way that Legacy works, users input client details and it produces documents, but if you’re looking for information around that process within your communications, you have to check through multiple emails, telephone conversations, and online chats. It can be quite frustrating searching all those different areas to find what you need.”

The new messaging feature allows users to select a specific client, click ‘new message’, and view all of the departments within CTT that can be contacted in relation to processing that client’s order.

Whether it’s for estate planning advice or a tricky case that needs expert insight, advisors can reach out to multiple departments at CTT with a single message, sharing relevant client information securely at the click of a button.

Searchable history

The messaging feature also provides secure storage of all communications in relation to each client and has a searchable history, allowing advisors to access the information they need quickly and efficiently within any conversation.

“We’ve taken the good parts of email and added many improvements,” explains Mickey.

“For example, the issue with using the cc feature of email is you can send a message to multiple recipients, but you never know who’s handling it – or not.

“With Legacy’s messaging, users can track who’s handling the query, see which department it’s with, and when it’s forwarded to a different department for processing. It won’t get lost in the ether and the advisor is always kept up to date with its progress. Transparency is the main benefit for users – everyone knows what’s going on.”

Organised workflow

The omnipotent messaging feature not only gives advisors greater control over their communications, with an up-to-date overview of an order’s status and insight into how it’s being actioned, but it can also be used to improve organisation and workflow.

“It’s a merger of an email system and task management system,” says Mickey. “You can assign tasks to users in your group, flag them for a completion date, and those tasks will automatically appear in that user’s calendar. And at each stage, the advisor is notified of its progress.”

Secure and compliant

In line with Legacy’s existing software, which has been successfully penetration-tested, the new messaging feature has also been independently tested to make sure its content is secure. As Mickey explains:

“Storing client data within the messaging software makes it far more secure than storing it within emails, especially sensitive information like payment details, which are unprotected if someone hacks into your emails.

“With the software, someone has to have login details and knowledge of how to use the software to access that information, so moving towards an internal rather than external communication system is a far safer solution.”

User feedback and launch

A select group of advisors has been testing the messaging feature over the last few months, providing valuable feedback and insight into its functionality.

“We have multiple advisors and groups using it to contact our departments at the moment,” Mickey says. “Feedback so far is they like the convenience of features such as the correspondence history being easily accessible in threads. With the testing over, we’re now getting ready to pull the trigger on it!”

The new messaging feature, due for release later this month, will be available to all users accessing Legacy on any Windows device. Future plans are for a CTT Legacy app that will allow users to access their messages and track the progress of client orders from their phone while on the go.

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