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Managing risk with Legacy software

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CTT Legacy Software

We all like to think the best in people, especially our employees, people that we have put trust into to carry out their roles efficiently. But how can you know they are applying the knowledge learned in training?

With digitisation of the entire estate planning process through our Legacy software, we mitigate risk for your estate planning business. What we mean by this, is that by digitising the entire process of creating wills and other legal documentation we’ve created a clear audit trail, from the first time someone interacts with the software to the completion of documentation. It is all recorded and every action is accountable.

Training alone won’t be sufficient. Knowledge is important but to make sure your processes are followed accurately, make that process as simple and user-friendly as possible. That’s where CTT’s industry-leading Legacy Software comes in.

Why use Legacy?

For sheer ease-of-use and consistency across all of your interactions with your clients, Legacy is the perfect choice.

By having an intuitive platform that standardises all estate planning processes, you take full control at every point of contact. All documentation, client communications and decisions are stored in one place that is easy to access at any time, allowing you to follow clear trails for auditing purposes when needed.

What Legacy does for you

Being able to track every step of the document creation process has obvious benefits, but why else should you consider using Legacy software?

Intuitive user interface – inspired by various management software’s and app-led user-interfaces everyone has on their phones and personal computers, you’ll find Legacy’s interface both novel and familiar. It utilises a clean interface with clear instructions and options to make managing and creating legal documents a straightforward process.

Will clarity statement – the intuitive software helps you to easily generate a Will Clarity Statement. This all-important document clarifies the how, what, when, where, and why of the clients’ wishes, explaining how every decision was reached for clarification in the case of will contestation. Having this document greatly reduces the risk of the will being contested in the first place.

Secure storage – in order to ensure that data-breaches don’t happen, we store all of the documentation and client communication securely. No one is going to be able to access the data unless they are authorised.

Clear audit trail – unlike paperwork that can be misfiled or lost, by having everything digitised, a clear path of documentation is available to access at any time. Any step of the process can be accessed and shown to the interested party if proof of legitimacy is ever needed.

Larke v Nugus request preparation – a request typically made by those who wish to contest a will; Legacy helps you to gather all of the information necessary to generate the documentation needed in the cases that someone decides to call a will into question. These cases are rare but when they do occur, being able to quickly bring all of the relevant documents to your fingertips saves a huge amount of time and effort.

Business dashboard – by using the dashboard, you can keep track of every one of your open cases and the work your team is carrying out at any given time. The dashboard provides a convenient overview of the status of every case and what stage it is at.

Training and digitisation for unparalleled performance

Using Legacy Software, alongside comprehensive training courses, ensures your team has all the tools necessary to carry out their roles efficiently and with minimal risk. Our training courses take you through every step of the process, sharing the knowledge to excel as an estate planner.

By combining our peerless training with the innovative digitisation of Legacy, managing risk becomes simple. To learn more about the exciting possibilities of CTT’s training courses and our Legacy software, get in touch today. Drop us an email or give us a call, we look forward to working together!

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