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Unveiling Fact Find: Legacy Portal's Revolutionary Feature

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CTT Legacy Software

On our journey through innovation in the estate planning sector, we are excited to delve into one of Legacy Portal’s features – the client Fact Find. Following its highly successful debut at the 2023 British Wills and Probate Awards, it’s time to explore the specifics of what sets Legacy Portal apart as an indispensable tool for estate planners, poised to redefine industry standards.

The Fact Find feature holds a distinct significance, establishing the digital journey right from the outset. Designed to encourage proactive client engagement, our client Fact Find streamlines processes for advisers, fostering a smoother and swifter estate planning experience for all stakeholders involved.

Understanding the client Fact Find

The client Fact Find is the crucial initial stage for gathering all pertinent client information before providing advice. It serves as a dynamic tool, empowering you, the adviser, to kick-start the digital estate planning process with remarkable efficiency. Previously characterised by extensive paperwork and communication delays, this phase of the process has now been significantly streamlined for your convenience.

To initiate the estate planning process, the adviser can seamlessly send the Fact Find to the client with minimal details required – only the client’s name, phone number, and email. Clients can independently complete the Fact Find, offering them greater flexibility, comfort, and efficacy. This autonomy allows them to assume control over their estate planning journey, alleviating you from the pressure of micromanaging each aspect. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, fostering a more efficient and client-centric approach to estate planning.

Embracing technology, attracting more clients

By leveraging the client Fact Find feature, you’re not only simplifying the onboarding process but also signalling your dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology. This approach positions you as an adviser who is in sync with the digital era, ready to offer a meaningful, streamlined digital experience.

With Legacy Portal’s user-friendly app, available on both Android and iOS, clients can easily complete the Fact Find form from the convenience of their smartphones. Alternatively, the web version of Legacy Portal provides a smooth and efficient experience for those preferring desktop access. Our app has been designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring the Fact Find journey is easy for all.

Maintaining control and security

Once the client’s Fact Find is complete, the information provided is condensed for your review, providing you with the freedom to approve or decline the details. This gives you full control over the personal and financial details shared within the platform, ensuring utmost confidentiality and security.

Furthermore, Legacy Portal equips you with thorough process monitoring, enabling you to oversee each phase of the Fact Find process and retain a detailed record of interactions. This functionality ensures transparency and instils confidence in your estate planning operations.

Enhance your client service

By making it easier to welcome clients, encouraging digital streamlining, and ensuring careful control of information and process tracking, Legacy Portal empowers advisers to offer safe, smooth, client-focused, digitalised estate planning services. We’re excited for Legacy Portal to transform the estate planning landscape and inspire our members to provide excellent client service.

Discover how the Fact Find feature in Legacy Portal can transform your estate planning practice today. Register your interest now and learn more about Legacy Portal’s cutting-edge technology here.

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