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Will Writing Software UK

Legacy goes beyond typical will writing software, offering a full-fledged estate planning system with all the tools you need to manage your business. Embrace a digital, paperless, and secure solution for a modern approach to will writing.

Innovative and personalised will writing

With Legacy Software, you can leverage advanced technologies to provide will writing services that are as unique as your clients. With Legacy’s digital reports, clients gain a detailed and personalised view of their estate planning options.

We turn complex information into clear, actionable insights, making decision-making easier for clients. With Legacy’s Will Writing software, you can offer comprehensive reports that cater to each individual’s needs and goals.

Focus on clients, not paperwork

Spend more time with your clients and less on paperwork. Legacy automates invoicing, payments, document preparation, and reporting, helping you grow your business more efficiently.

Manage risks more effectively

Legacy’s systematic approach and intuitive document drafting are always updated with latest legislation, guaranteeing the legal validity of all work completed through our system.

Seamless client journeys

Improve your client journeys with quicker, more seamless, and highly convenient features like secure ID verification, client messaging, and document storage. Legacy’s case tracking and notifications keep everyone updated on each step and progress made.

Expert estate planning support

Unlike any other will writing software, Legacy provides access to CTT’s specialist support. With Legacy, you’re just a message away from experienced will writing experts who can offer advice on all kinds of estate planning matters, or even help lighten your caseload!

Get leading UK Will Writing Software and help clients secure their Legacy

Legacy is at the forefront of digital innovation, constantly evolving to deliver the smoothest estate planning experience to clients.

With the support of CTT Group's estate planning professionals, you can handle more complex cases while saving time. Regular expert training sessions are available for new or switching advisers, and CTT’s partnership team is focused on your business growth and success. Whether you're a professional adviser or a solicitor searching for excellent will writing software, Legacy is your ideal solution. 

Embrace the future of estate planning with Legacy’s state-of-the-art will writing software, benefiting from streamlined processes, expert support, and comprehensive assistance for an efficient and seamless client experience.

How CTT Legacy overcomes the limitations of most will writing software

Effortless organisation:

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and hello to digital simplicity. Our software streamlines the entire will writing process, keeping everything organised and accessible at your fingertips.

Client collaboration:

Strengthen client relationships by providing the convenience of digital collaboration. With our will writing software, you can effortlessly share and sign documents, provide updates, and monitor progress, building trust and transparency.

Instant case tracking and updates:

Keep yourself and your clients informed at all times. Our will writing software enables real-time notifications and case tracking, giving you a clear view of each client's progress and the upcoming steps in the process.  

Guaranteed security and privacy

Ensure peace of mind for both clients and advisers with our secure data storage. Our will writing software utilises advanced security protocols to safeguard sensitive information and documents, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Paperless Estate Planning Platforms

Frequently-asked questions about our UK Will Writing Software

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