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5 Reasons you need Legacy Software

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CTT Legacy Software

The future is paperless. The ‘Amazon effect’ has seen clients demanding the industry adapt to be more instantaneous and allow them to conduct their affairs online at their convenience. With this in mind we have developed Legacy software for the digital age.

Our robust platform consists of over 90 products. We can guarantee that any document you could ever wish to draft is present – and if you can’t find the product you are looking for, we will build it.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the five reasons why your business needs Legacy.

#1 – Flexibility

Our Legacy Software is designed to align with your existing business processes. Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporate group with many users. Legacy Software integrates seamlessly with your systems and offer complete adaptability when processing documents.

You can process orders yourself, send them to a third party or to an experienced drafter. You can enlist the support of our experts at CTT to complete either all or part of an order for you.

At a touch of a button, we can ease the burden of a heavy workload if you find yourself overwhelmed. Whether that’s help with covering annual leave, or help finalise any technical elements you clack confidence with.

Legacy Software is here to support you whenever and however you need it.

#2 – Streamlined processes

Legacy’s end-to-end case management system is fully digital and paperless. Placing you in control of your client’s journey.

Implementing electronic signatures and the ability to send sensitive documents such as, passports and bank details securely and digitally. Legacy reduces the hassle of sending paperwork back and forth, ridding you of postage costs.

The digitisation of this journey improves your output. It allows you to input data on the go and complete your admin in the presence of your client. Compatible with most devices, the cloud-based system reduces the requirement for multiple visits, freeing up your time to prospect for more business.

The integrated document management system notifies you when a document has been completed and signed. Your client files are stored in our digital filing cabinet in the cloud, where they can be accessed, viewed and printed as required.

In addition, the paperless platform allows you to lower your CO2 emissions and do your bit for the environment.

#3 – Risk Managed

Legacy Software is maintained to the highest standard, and we ensure that it’s kept up-to-date with all current legal legislation’s. Additionally, we’ve implemented a two-factor authentication system used by banks to protect your client’s sensitive information. The system is also encrypted and fully GDPR compliant.

Legacy can identify areas of concern and the implications to your client’s estate planning. Ultimately giving you the confidence that you’re following best practices. The platform also notifies users if a field has been left empty, if there is a payment due and if any updates have been made to a client’s file. This leaves an audit trail of all their transactions, reducing the risk of potentially costly errors.

The innovative Will Clarity document outlines your clients’ wishes and the reasoning behind their decisions. When paired with the Statement of Execution, these documents are your client’s voice beyond the grave. This means you can stop contentious probate and keep yourself out of court.

Whilst our software cannot replace formal training for instruction takers, it can reduce the risks both to the client and the business. Legacy allows instruction-taking to be trusted to new starters earlier in their careers with your organisation. Legacy gives your staff greater job satisfaction whilst simultaneously reducing the risk to your business.

#4 – Secure

Legacy Software uses a secure and unique customer portal where all your client’s sensitive information and contact details are saved in one place. Our encrypted, cloud-based portal is GDPR compliant, with a two-factor authentication system. You don’t have to worry about your data once you’ve inputted it. In addition, we’ve merged in a secure client communication network making it easier for you to exchange information with your client securely without lengthy email chains.

#5 – Support

We have created an in-depth training bulletin and video guide to help and support you, regardless of the products you’re drafting.

With over fifty training videos readily available for you to get stuck into. In addition, the chatbot is available 24/7 to provide comprehensive support whenever you need it. Following this our skilled advisers are available over the phone during office hours.

We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date with new releases and any changes to the software that will affect your day-to-day usage.

If you want to learn more about our Legacy Software and how it can help your business, get in touch with one of the team today here or phone us on 01926 514 390

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