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Know your Business - Data Analysis Tools

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CTT Legacy Software

Conducting business frequently is one thing, but evaluating your business performance is what helps you tailor your services to better support your client base; it is an essential instrument that every sales team should have. With the Know Your Business tool, recently built into the Legacy Software, you’ll be able to see statistics on key information for your client bank including Demographics, Sales Opportunities, Performance Metrics, and insights into how all of your clients are progressing on the new Case Tracking system.

Useful client breakdowns

A common feature request we received for the Legacy Software in the past was the ability to export data for all clients based on specific criteria. Previously, this would have been something the Systems Team would have to provide as an individual service, but with the newly added Know Your Business analysis tool, these useful client breakdowns will be available to access at any time, directly within the Legacy Software. Moreover, the software will process your order data overnight, scanning through all your clients and analysing current data, ready for new insights to be presented.

In the new Know Your Business tile, which is found on the home-screen of the Legacy Software, clicking the analysis tool will launch a review of your clients that’s divided into different categories, as well as your clients’ order progress using new Case Tracking workflows.

Fast and convenient

This new addition to the software makes the process of organising business faster and more convenient. For example, under the Legacy Data section, you’ll be able to see how many of your clients have been sold a will, but didn’t have LPAs on their orders. Next, expanding down onto this particular tile will give you the client’s key information, such as their name, postcode, age, email address, and much more. This will allow you to gather your clients and mark them for potential repeat business in a few simple clicks of the Legacy Software.

Filtering feature

The new tool has an array of other functions for your business to utilise. Perhaps, you’re running a promotion, but you really only want to market to a specific demographic of clients; the Demographics section of the Know Your Business tool will split your clients into categories such as Younger Clients, Older Clients, or even Single or Married clients!

Finally, the new Case Tracking workflows will show you the total number of clients currently within each particular milestone, suggesting where you should focus your attention for the day, so that you can meet deadlines and client expectations.

Supports business growth

In addition, the analysis tools will be closely monitored and advanced with future updates, meaning there will be more opportunities to grow your business through new supplementary functions which will fill gaps in your client’s orders that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Legacy Software’s powerful new tools will allow you to deep dive into new client data and activity, helping you to drive business whilst making smarter decisions that will enhance your client base and existing connections.

The Know Your Business Tool is only available to Legacy Software subscribers. To find out more about the software or to request a free trial, please visit Will Writing Software UK – CTT Legacy Software (

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